Attitude of Gratitude 2017 – December 12, 2017 – Unicorns


Unicorns welcome me on my drive home from ear surgery. This I took as a very good sign.

Because of my ear surgery, the doctor did not want me doing any travel that would require elevation changes.  This meant I got to enjoy Portland for three weeks since to get back to my home in Carson City I’d have to go over a mountain range.  Lucky for my recovery, it rained the entire three weeks.  I didn’t have a choice but to take it easy.

When I finally got the all clear to head home, I took the route back to Nevada that was on the eastern side of the mountain range.  Crossing the mountains in northern Oregon is lower in elevation gain than further south.  I’ve only done the drive one other time on the eastern side of the mountains.  It was during some pretty rough weather, solo, in the motor home.  This time, the weather was calm and I had a fun friend along for the ride.

My friend encouraged me to stop to enjoy the scenary more than if I was just driving alone.  She noticed these very cute white horses and wanted me to turn around.  They look very much like unicorns.  The gorgeous scenary was enhanced by lots of laughs and I was happy to have the company.

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