Attitude of Gratitude for 2017 – December 11, 2017 – Moving Through Life With Dogs

My three best friends – Coco, Rosebud, and Daisy.

My parents had six children.  I only had two (since they were perfect, I stopped).  And I’ve made up for it with having several dogs.  Here are my three best friends in a rare moment when we were all together on a walk near our home in Carson City last March.  This year,  Rosebud the middle one kept the manager of the Cheetah Corporate Retreat Center company while I traveled around North America. Daisy’s job is to hold down the fort with the manager at our corporate retreat center in Alaska.  Coco has the perfect temperment to be my traveling companion.  She is fantastic with small children and quietly stays put while they tug on her.  When things change as much as they do in my life, it’s nice to have them as my constant.

They are all doodles.  Rosebud was my first doodle.  She joined me as a puppy in May 2008.  Rosebud is an Australian Shepard Poodle mix and can play ball for hours, if indulged.  Coco is a minature Berniedoodle – a cross between a Bernaise Mountain Dog and Poodle.  She joined me as a puppy in January 2016.  Daisy is a full size Berniedoodle.  She loves to sleep out in the snow – which is why her duty is in Alaska.  She joined me as a puppy in May 2016.

I am very thankful we are moving past the puppy stage with both Coco and Daisy.   I might be able to start knitting again….

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