Real Results from Real Cheetahs

Quoting Alexander Hall (Cheetah Action Project)- “ In my opinion the most valuable part of the course is applying a complete, concise and easy to use project management methodology (via the templates) to a personal project. Many times in professional endeavors a reduced set of documentation is used, and thus only a partial project management methodology is implemented. This course was a nice reminder of using a complete methodology and how to document as such.

Jean is a very smart, personable, and supportive instructor. Considering how much I have going in my life and that my original schedule for this class was compromised due to a few unforseen “curveballs”, I really appreciated Jeans positive attitude, understanding, and support in keeping me moving until I completed the course. Jean is awesome!

Alex used his Cheetah Action Project Class to complete a project that hit him very close to home- organizing his childrens’ closets. Well done Alex! (see what other have done at

Alex used his Cheetah Action course to complete a project that hit home- organizing his childrens' closets.




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