Software PM Blogger Pawel Brodzinski Shares Lessons Learned

Pawel Brodzinski, creator of the blog –, has worked in quality assurance, software development, design, support, and implementation teams throughout is PM career. He lives in Krakow, Poland. We recently interviewed Pawel about his view on blogs and PM. Here is that interview. Thank you Pawel. 

Hello Kristen,

 it’s nice to hear you consider me as an influential blogger. 

What have you learned doing your blog?



Consistency is the king. If you are consistent with whatever you do you at least keep momentum and gain fluency. I see a similar pattern in managing project and blogging (and with many others too). There’s time when you struggle just to get another thing done, no matter of that’s publishing another post or completing the next task from a schedule. It doesn’t always look like that – sometimes you aren’t overloaded and you’re able to work on general improvements, let it be implementing some new project management technique or tweaking blog layout. However, that works only when you are consistent all the time thus you got to the point where you’re able to push what you do to the next level.


How has your blog helped the field of pm?



I hope so. My idea is to bring more of real life examples than to write about different methodologies or theories on project management. Sometimes it means going against the stream but still I believe this approach is valuable. Even when you don’t agree with something you can confront your opinions with a situation which actually happened. I neither pretend to have the best answers nor to have all of them and I’m always open for a discussion.

What do you like most about blogging?


  • Two things. First, I’m able to talk with different people all over the world who share at least professional interests. Second, writing about any subject forces you to learn it constantly. Being part of a community and being able to learn from others experiences is a great thing.   

Besides yourself, who do you like in pm?



I think the best answer would be redirecting you to a links section on my blog ( I try to keep their quality links only if you’re a software project manager all of them are must-reads. If you work in different area a couple of them will be probably less interesting.


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