What We Focus on is What We Tend to See

In Paul Scheen’s Book – Photo Reading, he points out that our subconscious brain takes in 2000 times more information than our conscious brain is aware of. If you don’t believe this, start photographing your day to day life. Then study those pictures a couple hours after you take them. When I first noticed this phenomena, I was at the Houston Rodeo. It the first show we went to with our Belgium Blue Cattle. I was taking pictures of the cattle and wasn’t even aware there were three cattleman in the row behind our stall – not until I looked at the pictures later. I was literally only focusing on our cows.

Only Noticed the Other Guys When I Looked at the Pictures.

Only noticed the three cattlemen when I looked at the pictures much later. I had no recollection of people being in the background.

Lets fast forward to today. Look at what the mass media chooses to focus on – the mismanagement of companies that need to be bailed out, disasters, the basic depravity of the human condition. But lets look at some different facts. According to The Wealth Report, the amount of millionaire households has doubled in the past ten years.

Number of Millionaire Households

Number of Millionaire Households

Let’s look at this chart. This was created in 2004 – so from 1994 to 2004, the number of millionaires doubled. Six of those years we had a democratic as the president of the US. For some reason the folks I know in the finance sector always seem to feel they will be better off when there is a republican president. Is this really true or is it just what they are choosing to focus on?

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So now if I want to see things differently, I change what it is I am choosing to focus on. It truly is all just a matter of perspective.

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