Believe in Yourself!

Over the past week I’ve seen several cars with “We Believe” painted in their back window. I am assuming this refers to the belief in that jolly guy from the North Pole who flies through the night with a sleigh pulled by reindeer to deliver presents worldwide. It got me thinking, why not spend as much time and energy this season in improving a belief in ourselves to achieve the challenges before us? I’ve been in business 21 years – time after time, when I’m faced with challenges, I’ve had to dig down deep into my own internal sense of self, reestablish the base of my strengths to find the path up the next mountain. I’ve been blogging about these concepts this entire week:

Leverage your strengths to pursue opportunities – see the Creating Meaningful Work posting.
Create value from your unique differences – see the Standing Out from the Crowd posting.
Find the opportunity from adversity – see the Concerned About Keeping or Getting a Job in Today’s Environment posting.

In this “Believe in Yourself” day, that we are dedicating to helping others harness a belief in themselves to pursue their life’s challenges, my Cheetah Team and I have created a number of fun activities (for participating we have selected several courses you can take for free that will help you enhance your capabilities to climb that next mountain in your life):

If we encourage innocent children to believe reindeer can fly, then lets encourage each other to soar in life as well.

Just as we encourage innocent children to believe reindeer can fly, lets encourage each other to soar in life as well.

1. Share your own story of how a belief in yourself helped you rise to a challenge in your life. On December 19, 2008 we will pick a winner. The winner will get a free 60 PDU course or a free PMP Online Exam Prep course. Just for participating, you will find out how you can take our Cheetah Action Project or PM of Weightloss online courses for half price.

Share Your Story.

2. Participate in our survey to learn how you and others improve a belief in yourself. Just for participating, you will learn how you can take our free 1 PDU online course called Believe to Achieve.

Take our Survey

3. Download our Free Believe In Yourself assessment to develop the base from which to chart the path up the next mountain in your life. By completing the assessment, you will learn how to take a free 2 PDU online course called PM Myth Buster – where you explore the common myths facing project managers today and how to move past them. You will also get an offer for 50% off two of our most popular and newest online classes: Project Prosperity and Cheetah Family Office.

Download the Free Believe in Yourself Assessment

4. Listen to our Believe In Yourself Podcast where Michelle LaBrosse and Bryne Edwards share their ideas of how to use a deep understanding of your own capabilities to overcome risks and thrive where others see adversity. For listening, you will learn how to take our 20 PDU online course Cheetah Family Office for free.

Listen to our Believe in Yourself Podcast


One Response to “Believe in Yourself!”

  1. Warren Whitlock Says:

    We wouldn’t hire an employee who doesn’t believe in our company.. makes sense that you’d not want to go with someone who doesn’t believe and invest in himself.

    As CEO of “You Inc.” we should require that belief in our most important hire.. ourselves