How to be the first one hired and the last one fired…..

Are you a pro at getting things done fast with next to no resources or authority to do it? If so, then you might just be an exceptional project manager. Faster, Better, Cheaper – that is what makes for a stellar employee, a stellar contractor, and is what makes one vendor a lot more attractive than another. Take this quiz by CNN Money to see how well positioned you are to keep your job.

Before starting Cheetah Learning, I was working for a large corporate research operation. They got rid of my department but not me – why? Because I was well known for getting things done, fast, with no money and no authority to do it. I didn’t wait around for people to ask me to do things – I saw what needed to get done, created a project plan for how I would do it for just my salary, and was able to sell the idea to the folks who had to approve such things.

Being able to do my projects fast, for little to no money, saved my job and saved my assets.

I left that job to start Cheetah Learning – I wanted to share with other people what I learned about doing projects fast using accelerated learning techniques. Plus I wanted more excitement and more control over my destiny. I had gone to that company to work for my boss, and with her gone, it just wasn’t that much fun anymore. Keeping a job I just didn’t love seemed like a total waste of my life.

I started Cheetah Learning nine years ago and over the years have created a whole slew of courses to teach others how to be the first one hired and the last one fired (we’ve put over 30,000 people through these to date). Most folks if they are unemployed get hired either while they are still taking the courses or soon there after. And if they are employed, get nice promotions with their new skills. Based on our surveys, many of our students get at least a $10k pay raise once they finish our PM Masters Certification Programs.

We’ve gotten a bunch of awards for our courses and even got certified to give college credits for them a few years back. If there is anything in life that is a sure bet, mastering the skills to do your projects fast is it. And that is what we’re about. We are so confident that you will reach your goals with our courses, we offer a money back guarantee on all our courses. If after taking the programs, you don’t achieve what you set out to achieve, we do refund your money, in full. This doesn’t happen that often which is why we can offer it.

If you’d like to be the first one hired and the last one fired – come visit us at Cheetah Learning. if you’d like to become a Cheetah., use the promotion code beacheetah and get a 10% discount on any course we have.

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