Capitalize on the Recession Using Project Management

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP
Working in the studio with my co-host, Bryne Edwards

Working in the studio with my co-host, Bryne Edwards

When times appear hopeless, and you show up offering hope and solutions, everyone wins.   As Project Managers we have the skills needed to pull us out of this recession.   This is why Cheetah Learning just did our March Know How Network article titled – “Are You Shovel Ready?” and the podcast “Calling All PMPs to Rebuild America”. And it’s why we are doing a live radio show today called Capitalize on the Recession.  It relates to being ready as a Project Manager to pounce on opportunities as they emerge.  Here is how you can capitalize on the recession as a project manager:

1. Be prepared to create value for other people FAST.   The faster you can create value, the more demand you will create for yourself.   You can learn how to do this by mastering Cheetah Project Management – this is a technique I created over 8 years ago to complete projects of significant value in under three months.

2. Know how you can leverage your innate strengths to be of the most service to others.   We are all different and those differences are what create the most value for others.   You can learn how to leverage your differences to create more value for others with our PM Strength Builder course.   

3. Make sure the commitments you are considering pursuing will make sense in another week, another month, and another year.  A good way I have found to do this sense making is with doing a project agreement on goals I am considering pursuing.   You can get a free project agreement template from the Cheetah Learning PM Tools Page. 

4. Learn how to best manage resources so you can complete your projects with a variety of non-financial capital (i.e. you don’t have to sit around and wait for the credit markets to unfreeze to pursue your goals).  I teach you how to do this in the Capitalize on the Recession online course. 

5. Ferret out the emerging opportunities that offer the most chances for you to create value.   This is based on how competitive you are in the area where the opportunity is emerging.  Not every opportunity is right for every person to pursue.   The better you can establish your competitive advantage, the more value you can create, faster.   We discuss how to do this on the live Capitalize on the Recession radio show and in the online course.


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