Lettuce Be Friends

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

I have been on an unofficial blogger vacation.   Been extremely busy with the Cheetahs getting ready for the new PMP exam course roll out.  We debut’d the course in Dubai and have had our first students pass!!!!!!!!

I was on temporary assignment to the east coast for the momentus event of the PMBOK 4th edition new PMP exam rollout.   Before I came here, I had a friend set up a small square foot garden where I was going to be staying – hoping that some of the veggies would come up while I was here.   And lo and behold, we have our first crop of lettuce in – woo hoo!!!!!!

Talk about some project management – one of the banes of my traveling existence is it seems if make the effort to grow a garden, I’m rarely around to see the fruits of my labor.   I vowed this summer to set up gardens wherever I was going to be mid to late summer so when I’d be there they would be maturing.   I may not see everything come to maturity on this garden, but at least I’m here for the arrival of the lettuce crop!!!!!!!

Banner Crop of Lettuce in the CT Square Foot Garden

Banner Crop of Lettuce in the CT Square Foot Garden


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