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Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

Mastermind Your Future - Create a Better Life - it's Possible

Mastermind Your Future - Create a Better Life - it

I had no idea what I was in for when my friend Nishanto Kane asked me to lead a mastermind group for her and a group of her small business friends in Simsbury, Connecticut.   Nishanto assembled a group of 12 people for her Mastermind Group.  She got the idea after reading Napoleon Hill’s book – Think and Grow Rich.   We had our first meeting in August and agreed to meet every two to three weeks throughout the year.  I quickly adopted a format based on what I had found worked with groups over my years of running accelerated learning events and leading project teams.   This proved to be one of our critical success factors.  After just four months of running this group, every participating member has significantly increased and super charged their business.   It is like all of us are on this wild cheetah going for the fastest ride of our lives.

After the second meeting,  one of the participants asked me if I could teach her how to facilitate my flavor of Mastermind.    Not wanting to let down one of my mastermind group members, I said – of course.   Let me go create an online certified Cheetah Mastermind Facilitator’s program.   And off we went – at cheetah speed.

This experience has been nothing short of amazing.  The people who have gone through the program and who have emerged as certified Cheetah Mastermind Facilitators are taking the world by storm with their own Cheetah Mastermind groups.  We are even working with some groups to create a virtual model for running Cheetah Mastermind Groups.  To learn more – check out

To become a Certified Cheetah Mastermind Facilitator, you have to successfully complete a 33 hour online course where you learn how to successfully lead your own Cheetah Mastermind group.   The course list price is $999, but as a “bleader” of the Everyday PM blog, you can get it for $333 – use the promotion code blogmaster at the Cheetah Mastermind Course.

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