Traditional Higher Education – Is It Really Worth It?

Traditional Higher Education – Raising the Price by a Factor of 3 Has Some Young People wondering if it’s Really Worth it.
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London England, December 10, 2010

While students are rioting in the streets and protesting the government hike on college tuition rates by a factor of three, young entrepreneur, Bernhard Peters , sits in his Chiswick flat and wonders why people even bother with traditional education anymore.  Considering that in the US, 1/3 of new graduates find themselves unemployed months and years after they complete four to five years of grueling, and often irrelevant education, does it really make that much sense to go this route?

Peters recently joined Cheetah Learning , a US based company with licensees worldwide, as their CFO in training. He jumped on board after seeing his fiancé’s cousin earn his Certified Associates in Project Management (CAPM) from Cheetah.  This cousin just wasn’t that intrigued by what he was doing in college.  Tiring of the endless stream of boring college classes for which he saw no value, he left. To placate his parents, he enrolled in Cheetah Learning’s online Project Management Fundamentals Certificate program. In six short weeks, he earned a globally recognized certification in project management. In another six weeks, his company promoted him to run a new product line and he converted his entry level $30,000 a year job to a $65,000 a year position. In his first year as a CAPM, he helped grow a brand new product line from nothing to over $400,000 in sales!

Peters, part of the “boomerang generation,” was sold on Cheetah’s innovative approach and wanted to be part of this fun and fast moving company. After leaving the standard “new hire, right-out-of-college” job as an auditor for a large accounting firm when his fiancée made a career move to London, he found it hard to get another professional position with an exciting career path.  Knowing the CEO of Cheetah due to their shared interests in gourmet cooking, she offered him the position as CFO in training, which he immediately recognized as a fantastic fit.  The entrepreneurial nature and opportunities presented by Cheetah Learning were an exhilarating breath of fresh air!

So there are very viable alternatives in the market place to attain education that really does get you ahead – and FAST! They aren’t your traditional routes, but then we aren’t living in a very traditional world anymore, are we?

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Over 50,000 people have gone through Cheetah Learning’s classroom and online Project Management programs around the world over the past decade. Cheetah Learning was founded in 1999 by entrepreneur Michelle LaBrosse, PMP. LaBrosse was recognized by the Project Management Institute as one of the most influential woman in Project Management worldwide. In 2008, the Project Management Institute named Cheetah Learning the Professional Development Provider of the year (a highly prestigious award in a filed of over 1600 Registered Education Providers in Project Management).

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