Curcumin Root – the miracle cure for brain cancer

A while back I mentioned my Mom has brain cancer.  It’s been a very tough journey for our family.   Her doctor in Connecticut put her on hospice in September and told one of my brothers she might only have a few more weeks to live.   It’s now almost November and Mom is alive and actually recovering with us in Florida.   Why?   I was able to find curcumin root at the Whole Foods in Sarasota.   Back in June I had found curcumin root at the Whole Foods in Glastonbury, Connecticut.   I had her drinking a tea from the root a couple times a day.   Over a three week period back in June she regained some of the capabilities she had lost then and appeared to be on her way to recovery.   But then I did not know how important this root was for her recovery.  We had to switch to a pill form of turmeric because Whole Foods and other local health food grocers could no longer get the roots.   She suffered a dramatic down hill slide the doctor in Connecticut thought was inevitable anyhow.   (talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy).   The Connecticut medical team was acting as if my Mom only had a couple weeks left  so another brother, my father, and I figured there was nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking her to Florida.  (Our family members who lived in the Northeast full time were very upset with us for taking our Mom away from them.  It was not easy to get her out of this downward slide of a situation).

Soon after we got to Florida, I found a Whole Foods store twenty miles from their Florida home.   I found the curcumin root there and started her on the tea again.   When we got to Florida, my mom wasn’t talking much and her voice was very weak.   She has ended up in a wheel chair from a seizure and a fall she had in Connecticut in September.   Two weeks now after drinking the curcumin root tea twice a day,  her voice is strong and she can engage in conversation, even has become quite the comedian.   She can once again feed herself and is now working on getting her capabilities back to get out of the wheel chair – does an hour of physical therapy every day, goes to Feldenkrais twice a week to regenerate the lost neural networks that caused her left side paralysis and rallies the whole family before dinner every day to take her swimming.

And we were able to get her an appointment at the Burzynski Clinic to evaluate if that therapy could help her more.   We are also even entertaining the idea with her of entering into an independence immersion program in San Francisco to help people with brain injuries learn how to live independently again.

It all started with this little root.   What I learned by studying this root over the past several weeks, was that what I had been doing – slicing up a root, and boiling it in water and using it to make a tea was actually releasing the very substances that were able to cross the blood brain barrier to kill her brain cancer cells.   My Mom likes black tea so we just steep a decaffeinated black tea bag in the curcumin water and mix in a little stevia.   Soluble curcumin crosses the blood brain barrier to kill the type of cancer cells my mom has –   The water soluble form though is very unstable so we use the water right away.   Another report I read said that steeping this root in oil releases the same compound that crosses the blood brain barrier and the compounds stay stable a lot longer in a lipid solution.   But since we don’t normally cook with this spice – I don’t have the recipes yet to use this oil that my mom would enjoy.   It is mentioned in many of the articles I’ve read on curcumin on why people in cultures that use turmeric have a much lower incidence of cancer.

I would normally say check this out with your doctor if you have concerns.  But what I’ve learned about the medical profession is if you want to stay alive, stay away from your doctor and do your own research. Remember this is the same group of professionals that took a hundred years to start hand washing as a practice to protect their patients (still typically 15% of doctors fail at this very simple practice).   Many doctors are very averse to changing their practices no matter what evidence there is to the contrary.   If you don’t like what your doctor is telling you – go find a new one.   We may have finally found medical professionals focused on doing what is right to help my Mom recover from her brain cancer.   We think they are at the Burzynski Clinic – I will report back when we get there.

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  3. Arta Says:

    If I can get in contact with this family, it would be very helpful… A family member of mine is suffering from brain cancer and was told she only had a few months . .. We r tryinf everything we can to find a way to help cure her… This story really touched me and would very much appreciate it if I can get a hold of anyone in the family to get more information… Please if there is someone who can help…

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