Cancer is a Belief System and What I Would Do Today To Cure Cancer if I Got It

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t – you are right.    I’ve seen this first hand with how my Mom has been treated by the medical establishment regarding her cancer.   The first round of doctors believed that my Mom being 78 years old was going to have a fast demise from her brain cancer and they acted in accordance with that belief.   The second round of doctors believed my mother had the ability to recover from her cancer and acted in accordance with that belief.

Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist talks about how cancer is a belief system in his seminal work “The Biology of Beliefs” where he proves how cancer is a belief system.   People’s belief systems are entirely made up of the culture in which they were raised and how they continue to cultivate their beliefs.   I was raised to believe that you could accomplish anything you put your mind to.  I’ve had the good fortune to have many corroborating experiences to that belief throughout my life, and some amazing guides along them way.

One set of guides have been various research librarians I’ve worked with throughout my technical career – first as an Aerospace Engineer in the Air Force and then as a research scientist for a large multinational corporation.   Their philosophies where everything you need to know to solve your current problem has probably already been discovered – you just have to find it.

And I did find it.   I learned about gene targeted therapy at the burzynski research clinic.   And I learned that the genes that can cause cancer and those that can suppress cancer can be turned on and off throughout your life due to various factors such as pollutants, aging and trauma.  To counter the effects of cancer, you have to turn off the genes that are causing the cancer and turn on the genes that suppress cancer.   There are many many ways to do this.

Based on my research and my experiences, at this time, it is my belief that there are four things I would do if I were to get a cancerous tumor in my system that I wanted to remove.

1. Consume at least 8 g of curcumin (turmeric) a day in a gel (oil based) capsule- to turn off the cancerous cells.  Curuminoids are water soluble for six hours, but are much more stable in oil – which is why I prefer the gel caps over the powdered based turmeric pill formulations which are not as readily absorbed in your blood.   For curing cancer, I’d do the mega doses of the turmeric supreme gel caps over the curcumin root tea as that is too weak a formulation.  You may be able to find the turmeric supreme gel caps at Whole Foods.   (Beevers C, Li F, Liu L, Huang S (2006). “Curcumin inhibits the mammalian target of rapamycin-mediated signaling pathways in cancer cells”. Int J Cancer 119 (4): 757–64.) And also consume a tea made straight from the root  – as this is the most pure form.   The curcuminoids are only good for six hours so make new tea several times a day and drink it continuously.

2. Consume a mix of medicinal mushrooms – to turn on the immune response cells that fight cancerous cells.  I like the Purple Mushroom Defense because they also include the Agaricus Blazei mushroom that research shows inhibits the growth of blood vessels to support tumors.   You can learn more about the medicinal properties of mushrooms by Paul Stamet.

3. Create an alkaline environment in my blood system by drinking high PH water and eating a low calorie ketogenic diet of raw green vegetables with sufficient protein and plant based fats to create an inhospitable environment for cancer cells and to  starve the cancerous cells.

4. Every four hours, go into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber with inhaling straight oxygen for an hour.   The super oxygenates the brain and cancer cells cannot exist in an oxygen rich environment.

And since I want to keep my cells healthy in my life, what I am doing is:

1. keeping my immune system strong with daily exercise, a healthy diet that stimulates the good bacteria in my gut , limit my sugar consumption to keep my blood sugar levels low, surround myself with positive, uplifting and happy people and environments,  take a medicinal mushroom supplement to keep the tumor suppressor genes alive and well, and focus on learning something new every day and developing mastery of  a significant new skill every year.

2. minimizing the environmental toxins in my life from all realms.

3. drinking curcumin root tea several times a day to decrease cell protein receptors that have the tendency to increase with age (this allows cancer cells to grow and also has been implicated in Alzheimer’s disease).

4. Doing an hour a day several times a week in my regular hyperbaric oxygen chamber that is in my bedroom (does not have pumped in oxygen as that is very dangerous in an at home system)  – but it still super oxygenates my blood and helps keep my brain healthy.

2 Responses to “Cancer is a Belief System and What I Would Do Today To Cure Cancer if I Got It”

  1. Brad Says:

    I’m the server you spoke to last night in Chattanooga. I greatly appreciate the information you’ve provided here and will share it as much as possible. I’ve done a small amount of searching for information on these remedies and I think I can say I trust you, especially with the credentials you have. It kind of seemed like New Age-y, alternative medicine bunk when you first told me about it, but perhaps I have some thinking to do on the true efficacy of conventional medicine vs. natural remedies.

  2. Andy Says:

    I am currently taking chemo and cannot consume antioxidants at this time. (counters chemo) I have purchased Turmeric and will ask my Doc if after chemo will be okay.