Success Inspires People to Stay the Cancer Cure Course

I’m reading a fantastic book recommended by my Mom’s Feldenkrais therapist in Florida.   It is by Norman Doidge, MD – The Brain That Changes Itself about how people can overcome deficits and achieve any level of personal performance that suits them.   We all have weak areas and the techniques in this book could help anyone who wanted to give them a fair shake.   What is amazing about the stories in the book is that it really doesn’t matter how the brain has been damaged – when the people profiled in the book wanted to develop a capability they didn’t have but knew they wanted, they were able to over time do just that.   What the book emphasized that hit home for me right now is how people reach a learning plateau and need time to rest and assimilate new skills.   This does not mean that improvement has ceased.   It’s important to note this when working with my Mom as she recovers from the impact of brain cancer.   She is doing an amazing job regaining capabilities – but it’s haphazard and some days are better than others.

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