21 Day Practice of Peace – Day 1 – Live in the Innate Goodness of Others

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

I recently completed a Depak Chopra 21 Day Abundance meditation.   It was a nice practice to meditate for twenty minutes a day contemplating how to adopt a more abundant mindset.  Today I embark on my own personal 21 day Practice of Peace.   Attached is a chart showing the energy of emotions.

Energy of Emotions- the Power of Peace

Energy of Emotions- the Power of Peace

I first read David Hawkin’s book Power vs. Force about 15 years ago.   I learned in his book our emotions carry energy.   Energy that not only colors how we each experience the world, but how we impact each other. By living at the level of peace – we have the ability to positively impact a hundred thousand people.   Can you imagine what it could do for this planet if 70,000 of us dedicated our lives to living consistently in a state of unconditional peace towards all?    Supposedly 21 days is all it takes to create a habit.   It is my intention as I embark on this 21 day practice of peace  to create a habit of peace as my natural way of being.

My practice for today – the first day of my 21 day Practice of Peace – is to live in the innate goodness of others.   I will start with the father of my children.   It is his birthday today and a day for which I am very grateful he exists.  We met over 30 years ago.  Wow, has it been that long?   Happy Birthday Glenn.   Thank you for helping me bring two very wonderful beings into this world and for all you do in service to your students, your friends and your family.   Thank you for being a fantastic Dad in your own unique ways.   The world is a much better place because you are you.

As I go about my day, I am choosing to seek out and recognize the innate goodness of others as I am experiencing them in the moment.   Let the day begin.

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