21 Day Practice of Peace – Day 10 – Sovereignty

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

Sovereignty is typically a term you see associated with governments and their rights to govern people in their defined geographic boundaries.   It also applies to each and every one of us in our innate rights to make our own choices in life.   The question comes in – what happens when my rights to make my own choices bump into your rights to make your own choices?   Take for example – smoking in public.   Does someone have a sovereign right to smoke in public if the smoke from their smoking device impacts another?   For peace to prevail, it’s critical we live in harmony with each other’s right to exist in the manner that best suits each of us.

My friend Jeff Allen proposed this model for civil discourse I like to contemplate from time to time.   What I like about Jeff’s model is it provides a framework in which to have productive dialog with others about the issues of the day.

For today, I am going to frame my thoughts on peace with respect to Jeff’s model on civil discourse and the notion that we all have the sovereign rights to make our own choices in life with the concurrent responsibility to preserve the rights of everyone.

Framing a Productive Dialog With Others

Framing a Productive Dialog With Others

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