21 Day Practice of Peace – Day 13 – Cheer Squad

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

Today I participated on a businesss talk radio show on 780 KOH AM in Reno, Nevada.   I met the talk show host – Mike Bosma –  several weeks ago when renting office space for one of our salesman.   He needed a last minute guest for his two hour entrepreneur start-up advice show and put out a request for volunteers earlier in the week.   Mike sent me the format for the show – I was supposed to discuss my story in business start up with the purpose of helping other people start up their business.    I like Mike’s show and his mission.    It made more sense as the show progressed though to help promote Mike’s accounting business – it was after all his radio show.

I learned from this amazing woman in college named Lillian Millman how much influence you could have by gushing over how great other people are.   Lillian was the assistant to the Dean of Engineering and over my four years there it was obvious how much she set the stage for caliber of professors and students the School of Engineering was able to attract.

Can you imagine what this world would be like if we learned about others capabilities and were able to promote their abilities as part of our day to day dialog?   Cheerleaders help build moral and boost the spirit – not just in sports.   As my practice of peace I’m going to be a better one person cheer squad and keep the spirit of my early mentor Lillian alive and well.

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