21 Day Practice of Peace – Day 7 – Reflection

In Cheetah Learning, we use reflection as a way for our students to assess what behavioral changes they will maintain based on their unique learning experience in their class.   I thought it would be a good idea to do that here 1/3 of the way through the 21 day practice of peace.

Our learning reflection questions are:

What happened?

How did I feel?

What did I learn?

What am I going to do differently going forward?

So here I go:

What Happened?   Becoming more conscious of being peaceful I realized how inherently peaceful I already am.   I heard my calling to learn how to accelerate learning 20 years ago.   Part of that calling is to test out new theories on how people learn and change behaviors on myself.   The bodies of work I have studied are from many disciplines.   What I have applied has created a base operating system of peace inducing behaviors.  It is a good exercise for me to take stock of what has taken hold in the various practices I’ve adopted.

How did I feel?   Some elements of what I practiced over this week I realized I was not so peaceful in some parts of my life.   There are relationships with others that at times challenge my personal goals of staying in a space of peaceful interactions.   When I look at the lives of Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela – they had their own relationship challenges with those closest to them over the years as well.   This doesn’t exclude me from holding myself to my own standards of peaceful interactions with those closest to me.   Where I was stretched and felt uncomfortable gave me ample opportunity to reflect on how I could and would do better in future encounters.

What did I learn?   I have learned this lesson with patience – the more I learn to be patient, the more opportunities I will have that test my patience.   The more capable I am, the more I will be able to develop more capabilities.  And now, the more I focus on peace,  the more I will be able to be peaceful.

What will I do differently going forward?   Stay present to the opportunities available to practice being more peaceful.   Anytime I get rattled by something going on in my world is an opportunity to create more capabilities for being peaceful.

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