21 Day Practice of Peace – Day 18 – Stillness

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

bob-white Listen to Bob White.   Imagine you are in a beautiful screened in cottage in a tropical paradise,  Ahhhh Peace.   Now realize,  it’s midnight.   You’ve traveled all day to get here and Bob has been going at it for five hours by now.   Where is his mate?   Is he ever going to give it a rest?   He is the loudest voice in an otherwise very still and tranquil setting.   All attention and focus in on the “Bob White”………..  “Bob White.”    UNTIL – I decide to refocus my attention on the …………..   I realize in the cacophony of day to day life I can choose where to place my focus – on the stillness & peace or on the noise of the loudest thing of the day clamoring for attention.  Interestingly enough as soon as I focused on the stillness, Bob White found his own bliss as well and went quiet.  Thank you Bob White for the reminder.

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