21 Day Practice of Peace – Day 21 – Legitimacy

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

Several days ago my daughter, who is on this incredible path creating her own business, in a moment of angst about the state of her business said to me – “Mom, but a bunch of my other friends “know” what they are doing with their lives.”   First off, that is total nonsense – who at 23 years old “knows” what they are doing the rest of their life?   Second, yawn – how boring is that?   Where does that leave room for twists and turns of the plot that makes life so much more dimensional and exciting?   I’ve heard this striving for what I call “legitimacy” from a wide variety of people who choose to walk their own path rather than conform to some perceived societal norm.   Approaching each person’s current choices as legitimate for them increases my sense of peace.   Accepting the choices I have made for myself as legitimate increases my internal peace.  On this last day of my 21 day practice of peace,  I have learned for me to be filled with a sense of peace, to look at each moment as legitimate in the unfolding adventure of life.

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