21 Day Practice of Capitalism – Day 12 – Living the Alaskan Dream

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

Haines is a nice winter place when your summer job is in the Arctic.

Haines is a nice winter place when your job is in the Arctic.

I met my neighbor today – Michael Wald.   He owns Arctic Wild – Adventures in Latitude – he winters in Haines, Alaska.   And he runs his business out of Fairbanks, Alaska in the summer.   I can definitely understand why he would not want to winter in Fairbanks; with their -50 degree days as the standard event.    But Haines?   He said he just loved Alaska and this is how he enjoyed spending his time off.   When I met him he was pulling his custom built rowboat on shore with a come along he had rigged up on top of a stump.   It was a balmy 30 degrees here today.   Michael is living the “dream.”   He said he never thought he could make a living doing what he loves, but that is precisely what he’s doing.   To all you entrepreneurs out there – keep living your dream.   You can DO IT!!

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