The Project Management of Spring Cleaning

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

Yes Spring Cleaning Can be FUN

Yes Spring Cleaning Can be FUN

I’ve been doing media interviews around the country the past several weeks on how to use project management skills to get your house in order.   Yes it is that time of year where we want to get rid of the old and make way for the new.   The origins of spring cleaning may in fact be biologically driven as we start to awaken from a winter stupor induced from less sunlight and have renewed energy from more sun and longer days.   It’s hard to muster up the energy in the winter to keep the house in order and when spring rolls around,  it’s time to clean up after a long winter siesta.

But where to start when you have piles of stuff all over the house, windows to be cleaned, gardens to be planted and a garage that is so choked with “stuff” you can’t get to the bicycles.

To help people get organized and stay organized,  my side kick Kristen and I created a forty hour course called the PM of Spring Cleaning.   In this course our students first learn how to prioritize their spring cleaning efforts, then they learn how to best leverage theirs and others’ innate strengths to tackle those spring cleaning projects.  Next they learn how to plan their spring cleaning projects with their family.   They end the course by learning how to put everything into practice in a way that keeps them and their families inspired and focused.   If you want to learn some great project management techniques and develop ways to stay focused and inspired for your spring cleaning efforts –  click here to register and use the promotion code – blogclean to get $100 off the price of this fun course.

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