Jan 6 – Microburst Focus

Cheetah Certified Project Manager Tip of the Day

cheetah_jan6Jan 6 –Focus in short micro-bursts of time on tasks with no distractions. For today, work on one task for thirty minutes with no disruptions. If you find yourself getting distracted, try listening to binaural beats while working to increase your awareness. Check out www.bwgen.com for a free download of these audio files.


Like many companies these days, at Cheetah Learning we spend our work days interacting with our technology . Much of this work is perpetually interrupted from a co-worker or a student who may need something from us immediately. And while we are for the most part a virtual company (aside from our in-person work meetings from time to time), these interruptions can take many forms – from texts, to the company internal Facebook page, to instant messaging, to emailing. Taking the time to completely focus on one task to its completion is a luxury we allow ourselves twice a day in short, 15-30 minute microbursts.

We have all adapted to using binuaral beats to help our brains get into the “focus” zone. The day in and day out world we live in of constant interruptions puts the brain into what is called the “high beta” state. We have four brain states:

1. Delta – this is our predominant state when we are sleeping.

2. Theta – this is the state when we are just falling asleep or just waking up.

3. Alpha – this is the daydreaming state and the hypnogogic state.

4. Beta – this is the state where you are awake. Low beta is the state of relaxed focus and it is the brain state we teach our students to attain in both the Cheetah Certified PM and Cheetah Accelerated Exam Prep courses for the PMP.

High beta is great when you need to respond quickly to requests and bounce around from one thing to the next, but it is very hard to focus and concentrate in high beta. To shift into low beta quickly for a short period of time, we use a program called the Brain Wave Generator – www.bwgen.com. While this program is fantastic for maintaining a low brain wave state to focus and finish an important task, for learning Cheetah, students learn a number of techniques to exist in a low beta state for longer periods of time. The low beta state significantly improves long-term retention and the ability to master new skills.

Give “microburst focus” a try the next time you need to get something done in your busy day.

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