Jan 9 – Create a Viable Living From Your Passions

cheetah_jan9Jan 9 – Following your passion is so much more sustainable when it includes goals that create value for others. Make sure what you’re going for “pencils” – that means it can help you create a viable living.


Have you ever noticed how your level of passion increases the more that passion creates a viable living? Creating the match between your passion and making a living can be a challenge. But when you learn how to do this, your abilities to make a living from your passion becomes just the way you work.

So how do you do this? The book “Do What You Are – Discover the Perfect Career through the Secrets of Personality Type” shows how to match your innate personality to your career choice. This is a good start. But once you know the career choice that is your natural fit, how do you make sure you are working in the ways that are right for you? Are you using your passions in the way that best helps you create a viable living? At Cheetah, we partnered with the authors of the “Do What You Are” book to create tools for people to leverage the strengths of their innate personality to better learn, complete their projects, and negotiate. We have found that it helps to bring out the best of the Cheetah staff when we all know how to leverage our unique strengths.

Learn how you can do the same – check out what it takes to become a Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM).

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