Feb 23 – Keep Agreements

Make the agreements that truly serve your best interests

Make the agreements that truly serve your best interests

Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

February 23 – When it is your consistent commitment to keep all your agreements, you make far fewer agreements.


Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP

This reminds me of what my children used to do with me when they were younger. They would ask me for something when my head was firmly buried into some writing project on my computer. Without really even being conscious of what it was they were asking, I would have said “yes” to taking them on a trip to Antarctica in July or something equally unappealing. Come to think of this, they still do this from time to time when we find our way into the same location on the planet. It’s like not reading the small type on a contract – yet with children, the results can be far more unpleasant.

The unfortunate reality is it does take time to read the small print and to pay attention to people who need and deserve your time and attention. But what I’ve found is by taking this time, I am actually able to create agreements that are good for me to keep instead of being blindsided into agreeing to something that is extremely counter to my best interests. I’ve learned that a good agreement is something that significantly benefits all parties making the agreement. One of my agreements I had made with myself in college was if I had children, I would save up the money they needed to go to college. I wanted to make sure they could get their start in life without being strapped with huge student loans. This agreement forced a level of discipline with saving money that I still tap into today when I need to pursue big goals. PLUS – both my children finished college with no student loans. I met friends along the way who shared with me their family’s ways of making sure their children’s college was paid for and it reinforced that this was the right agreement for me to make.

In the Cheetah Certified Project Manager program, you learn how to make the agreements and pursue the goals that are right for you.

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