Feb 25 – The World is a Stage

How Do You Want Your Life to "Play" Out?

How Do You Want Your Life to "Play" Out?

Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

February 25 – Look at the world as if it were a play and you are one of the characters. What happens when you take a more detached perspective on your current abilities to achieve your goals?


Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP

We are all the leading ladies and gentlemen of our own lives. You can write your own success story at any time. What do you want it to say about the leading character of YOU? What is your “hero’s” journey? How have you stuck with what was important to you and prevailed?

I learned a great “create the future” technique from a roommate when I was younger who liked to get her, myself, and one other person together to do what she called “Mastermind.” This was where we each made up three goals we wanted to achieve at some point in time in our lives. Then the other two told stories about how we would be making that happen. In one of our Mastermind sessions, we decided we wanted to get a hot tub for the house we were sharing. We both had it as one of our goals. What was interesting, we both had birthdays in the month of February and one of the stories was that we would get the hot tub in the week between our birthdays. This was in November and our birthdays are in February. A week before the first February birthday, my neighbor stopped by. I had helped him create a flyer for his business and he still owed me for the work I did. He said, “I’m working on this house and they have a hot tub they don’t need anymore. It works fine and everything, they said I could have it. Would you accept it as payment for what I owe you?” WOW – we had created our story and we got our hot tub.

Granted this was just a hot tub – but is has happened thousands of times for the various people I’ve since taught this technique to. Try it, it might just work for you too!

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