Mar 3 – Your Story is Your Future

You create the story of what is around the corner.

You create the story of what is around the corner.

Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) Tip of the Day

March 3 – Be careful with the story you tell yourself about how you are going to be in the future. It may, in fact, become your reality.


Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP

The non-profit agency Koinonia of Northern Nevada, who participated in our pro-bono project management training programs, helps foster parents better care for the most at-risk foster children. We help them out by donating $10 of every registration from the Cheetah Certified Project Manager program. One of the issues at-risk foster children face is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that no one loves them. It’s a continual story they tell themselves, and often they go out and make sure it in fact happens with one family after another. That is, unless the family is trained and supported by the people who operate Koinonia and they learn how to interact with these children in a way that allows them to start to tell themselves a different story.

While most of us have not had the challenges in life these children have, we do all tell ourselves stories about how our life is supposed to go. And then we find validation for those stories. The kicker is that we are not even conscious of many of these stories. Think about the things in your life that happen over and over and over that you don’t like. Let’s take a very common story – not having enough money for all the bills that come in. If this happens for you, think about a different story you could start to tell – like maybe, “I make more than I spend.” See how many ways you can play out that story in your life and see what happens.

What are the stories in your life you want to experience? A good place to start is with the stories that are happening in your life you don’t like. What are some stories that can create what you would prefer? When you find yourself dwelling on the story you don’t like, stop. Shift your brain to the story you would prefer. Making a deliberate choice to stop thinking about the story you don’t like and replacing it with one you do like is a way you can retrain those ingrained neural networks to develop a more effective thought pattern. When you become a Cheetah Certified Project Manager, you learn how to tell and live a much more empowered story of your life.

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