Weight Weight Just Love Me – Allowance – Day 29

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Who joins me on my journey significantly enhances my view.

Who joins me on my journey significantly enhances my view.

I am enjoying the beautiful fall scenery as Kerry drives us to cooking school.  (Well not really, as I am writing this blog post on my iPhone.) I was just sharing with her how nice it is to get to be the passenger on this drive as I usually am the one behind the wheel.   It’s not that I don’t trust others to do for me, I don’t often allow that which I can do for myself.  I like to be independent.

I find myself allowing for more and more participation from other capable souls in my life – capable being the operative word. I’ve become accustomed to a high standard of performance in many realms of life. As a female engineer I considered the quest for equality with my male counterparts a very low benchmark. I strive to being the best in everything I pursue and prefer shining bright. Shrinking violet has never been a term used to describe me.  I question if my pursuit of excellence allows for grace for others, or myself with anything less than high performance?

Loving myself more though does not mean lowering my standards – it means celebrating my capabilities.  Including my drive for excellence in all realms. I have a knack for attracting highly competent people into my life.  The allowances we afford each other to shine the light on our unique genius creates an up spiral of goodness.  This inspires me to become even more capable – especially with loving myself more.


Kate’s comment: it’s so fun to see that you’re chasing the fall colors! Up here, all the leave are off the trees (we’ve had a windy and rainy past few weeks). I’m glad that you’re letting someone else take the wheel – part of loving yourself is also letting others love you and take care of you.

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