Weight Weight Just Love Me – Innate Goodness – Day 14

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Yes just by canning peaches I learned one of the most delightful secrets of the universe....

Yes just by canning peaches I learned one of the most delightful secrets of the universe....

I had a major epiphany in Whole Foods several years ago – it had absolutely nothing to do with Whole Foods though. This was just where I was when I first had this realization. I was having this very sweet encounter with one of the produce clerks – we were both so into sharing our stories of canning various fruits, chutneys and jams. This guy’s innate goodness shined bright. It was very easy for me to connect with him as we shared a similar love. Then it hit me, I realized that while being unconditionally loving to someone else was a gift for them, living in another’s innate goodness was a gift I gave myself.

I’ve found delightful encounters with so many friends and strangers alike by simply opening my heart and living in their innate goodness.  I’ve experienced time and time again when people feel genuinely seen for how they are innately good, they show up in such kind and caring ways. I don’t even need to say anything as it is a palpable feeling others get when others feel seen, acknowledged and appreciated.  Being this way helps me love me more as I realize my own innate goodness is closer to the surface when I take the time to live in the innate goodness of others.

Kate’s comment: there was a story that showed up on both of our Facebook pages a couple weeks ago very similar to this one – except it was written by Jerry Winstrom in regards to a Panama hat, not fruit and preserves. My point is that both of you found the good in people that wanted to find the good in you as well. Both parties had intentions of having a positive connection. Imagine if everyone intended to have positive connections with others in our daily life.

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