Weight Weight Just Love Me – Organization – Day 17

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Organization creates the bridges to a better tomorrow.

Organization creates the bridges to a better tomorrow.

I’m working with Joanna Cutler, a Feldenkris practitioner to develop new ways of moving in my body to remediate a persistent foot pain problem that has recurred on and off for the past 22 years. It’s been more on than off the past six months so I figured I’d give this a shot. It’s been a very interesting process as we are creating new neural networks in my brain of how my entire skeletal system organizes it self so I can move in ways that remove the pain.  What is most fascinating about this process is the less I pay attention to how I’m walking, the less foot pain I have. According to Joanna,  when I think about the foot pain, I’m reinforcing the old ways my skeletal system is organized.

From what I’ve studied about weight issues, it’s rather similar. The more someone thinks about being over weight, the harder it is to lose weight. My dietitian, Kate, is right on by not focusing on weight and instead focusing on adopting more consistently healthy food choices so my body is healthy.  As I’m learning in Feldenkris, It’s all about how my mind is organizing every element of my body. To organize my brain to create an even more robustly healthy existence, I need to just allow my brain to make that my only reality. This article on what traditional medical “lore” says is overweight has conditioned us to think about weight (and organize our brain) in ways that actually amplify the problem. Too many people are negatively impacted by negative perceptions of themselves that are just not serving them.

And this is the overall point of this 66 day challenge – to move way beyond my negative conditioning about my natural state from family, well meaning friends, strangers, and “healthcare professionals” (I’m starting to discover many working in traditional healthcare are not professional and gain more by creating sickness than health).  So better brain organization on what is truly my reality – that I am robustly healthy – helps me love myself even more.  It is starting to take hold as I organize my thoughts to only focus on being the most loving I can be to myself in every moment.


Kate’s comment: what an interesting parallel between Feldenkris thought process and my dietitian practice – it follows the trend of “the mind tracks the dominant thought”. This is why instead of saying “I can’t forget my lunch in the morning” is far more likely to result in forgetting your lunch than saying “I must remember my lunch in the morning”.

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