Weight Weight Just Love Me – Perspective – Day 31

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Nutmeg dusted butternut squash rissoto - stay tuned for the recipe....

Nutmeg dusted butternut squash risotto – stay tuned for the recipe….

I’m here at the Stella Culinary Boot Camp –  learning much in some very unique ways.  It’s like the outside world has ceased to exist as I am completely immersed in this cooking school experience.  Today we did a cooking TV show like challenge where we had to create a meal from two primary ingredients – halibut and scallops.  We had two hours to work with our teams to put together everything we have learned in the past day and a half.  The intensity of this early challenge focused all my attention on our task at hand.  I love being completely consumed like this.

I had a vision of having this fall-oriented risotto with nutmeg dusted roasted butternut squash accent bites.  It was what we were placing a pan roasted halibut atop.  It was great fun making this under the watchful eyes of our teachers and my confidence with the challenging prep increased.

The butternut squash carried the day. It was pretty darn good and the risotto did have a uniqueness about it that made it go well with the halibut. The chef though had a different perspective about the risotto which he shared with the class. What was curious was I had had my own ideas on how to proceed I ignored to follow his direction.  I am not sure why he did not tell me of his perspective while he was helping me make it?  It really did feel like a reality TV cooking show.

I realized his comment was a reflection of his teaching style so I did not take it personally.  In my classroom, when I am teaching and a student’s performance is not what I anticipated, I question how I can reach them in other ways. So I can have compassion for his teaching approaches with this.  I did learn from this to better follow my instincts when preparing my creations because there is no way an outsider, no matter how qualified, can know everything going on with something I am creating – especially when it’s complex and synthesizing decades of experience. I am grateful for this lesson and that he shared his perspective how he did.

Our teacher’s positive intent is to help me become a better chef and he did that with this approach. Good life lesson on this challenge to love myself more by finding my way to the positive intent from another’s actions.  I prefer this perspective.


Kate’s comment: that dish sounds great! I wish I could have tasted it. It’s too bad that you and the chef had a miscommunication, but conflict can create great outcomes.

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