Weight Weight Just Love Me – Attributes – Day 66

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

I'd like to add something on the left side - successful people love themselves more.

I’d like to add something on the left side – successful people love themselves more.

I made it to the last day of creating a habit to love myself more.  The largest challenge of this 66 day effort was finding something to write about on this topic of loving myself more every day.  When I started this, I thought I already did a pretty good job of loving myself.  What I learned along the way though was I needed to love myself more.  This required me to recognize what I thought of what other people thought of me were just in fact, my thoughts about myself.  How can we ever know what someone is really thinking or feeling – even if/when they tell us?  And how do we know the journey they took to feel that way – it’s truly not my issue how someone feels about me – even if they tell me they don’t like this or that about me – so what.  Its very easy to find scientifically valid research to show pretty much anything we want to show – such as being fatter is better than being thinner, eating butter is better than eating margarine,  enjoying sweets from time to time is actually good for you, etc etc etc.  Plus,  the attributes for me that create my awesome life are most certainly not the same attributes that will create an awesome life for someone else.

What I do know after doing this challenge is creating the habit to love myself more helps me love other people more.  I’m much more patient with others – allowing them to be whomever is right for them in the moment – regardless of how they may feel about me.  We are all on our own journey here and the world truly does need more love not less.  Starting on myself was a good way to increase the love everywhere else in my life.

The next challenge I’m doing is with my whole team at Cheetah Learning – it’s about becoming happier in life.   We are starting on Sunday November 29th (and finishing on my birthday Feb. 2nd).   We are each doing the Happiness Yoga Flow every day and focusing on the word of the day and how it relates to increasing happiness in our lives.  We’ll all be blogging about it together – a paragraph a day about what we are learning.


Kate’s comment: I am so excited to follow The Happiness Project blog posts. The Weight Weight Just Love Me blog series has been really uplifting. It’s fun to read from the beginning to the end and watch the progress and self-assuredness increase.

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