Weight Weight Just Love Me – Dreams – Day 55

Carb Craving Dreams - My Subconscious is Rebelling.

Carb Craving Dreams – My Subconscious is Rebelling.

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

It’s amazing how my dreams have changed since I started working with my dietitian.  Now I dream of having cereal with milk for breakfast, or enjoying white bread slathered with butter, eating large plates of pasta, or a large cheese pizza, and then there is the plate of chocolate chip cookies (with nuts).  Yesterday I was longingly watching a show on the All Recipe Roku channel on making this luscious pound cake.  These dreams are so so easy to satisfy and I’m very happy what creates bliss for me is now so simple.  While I’ve become a pro at counting carbohydrates – and much more conscious of how these impact my blood sugar levels (and my overall health), I preferred life without carb restrictions.

I had a friend in my 30’s who said people who achieve their dreams too soon die young – was this what she meant?   At about the same time in my life, I was lamenting to my mother how my dreams of life long marriage died with my divorce – her encouraging response was – “you’re young you can create new dreams.”   The same is true here.  Is it really worth it to hold onto dreams of high carbohydrate delights?  Loving myself more may require expanding my dreams beyond the carbs I’m currently craving.


Kate’s comment: I think that the fact that carbohydrates are appearing in your dreams shows how close of an emotional connections food can have for us. Sometimes, it’s foods like this that can be higher maintenance for our bodies and need to be watched a bit more closely than others. Very interesting that for you, this manifested in your dreams.

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