Weight Weight Just Love Me – Showing Up – Day 52

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

The good thing about bad days is they end.

The good thing about bad days is they end.

Yesterday I got to walk my talk.  It was one of those days where chaos emerged at every corner.   A day when my patience was tried, then tried again, and then one more time someone pushed me to an edge I did not want to go to.  Yet it was also the day we were slated to shoot videos for a class where I’m making some significant upgrades – and the topic – “happiness.”  How do you shoot videos on happiness, where you are the leading actress, and well, you’re being challenged every way you turn?

You show up and just do it.  I am finding it far easier to do just that with loving myself more.  As I was loving myself even though I was so aggravated I didn’t even want to be around myself.   It’s one thing to love myself more when I’m behaving in ways that bring me happiness,  quite another when I am in a state that is anything but enjoyable.  I felt like an out of control two year old ready to have a melt down, yet having to get the job done as well, it takes a lot to put everything together to create these videos.

What I am noticing though, is loving myself more is providing for more capabilities elsewhere too.   It’s far easier to review these videos for content, delivery, understandability without cringing at how I look on video. I attribute this to my enhanced capabilities with loving myself.  Deep, enduring happiness is also something that once gained is hard to shake – even on the most trying of days.  And that is something else I’ve discovered on this pursuit of learning how to love myself more – it is grounding me in a very happy place.  Being tested on how this is so everyone in a while is a good thing, a very good thing.


Kate’s comment: there are all of these mirrors at the gym in Haines – which initially I thought would be terrible for body image. However, I think that if going to the gym can become a habit for someone, they might find the opposite. Seeing your body doing physical activity actually helps increase appreciation of it, and therefore be able to look beyond the body-image-comparison mindset. For me, the mirrors at the gym helped me love myself more as they helped show me how much stronger I can get. It sounds like watching video of yourself doing yoga turned into a positive experience where you, too, saw how awesome your body is.

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