Happiness Challenge – Enthusiasm

Rekindling my enthusiasm for my teen-aged company - who knew yoga would show me the way....

Rekindling my enthusiasm for my teen-aged company – who knew yoga would show me the way….

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Today is a double header.  My happiness focus is on being enthusiastically engaged and today the focus is on enthusiasm.  What a great day to roll out a new idea. Yesterday in several conversations with my closest friends and colleagues, I realized I have grown less than enthusiastic about various aspects of my business.  So I am making a commitment to become enthusiastically engaged in every element of my company’s performance in all realms.  It is my choice to stop the demeanor of the haggard parent of an entitled teenager. I sometimes adopt as the leader of my 15 year old business.

To that end I am enrolling these closest friends and colleagues, some of who have known me for three decades, on my “board.”  But instead if having a Board of Directors or Board of Advisors, I’m assembling them into a Board of Enthusiasm.

It’s time to rekindle, revitalize, and renew the enthusiasm I had for this incredible business my team and I created.  I’ve used the veil of entrepreneurial fervor and the love of the next big thing to shore up my less than enthusiastic enjoyment of the day to day requirements of the business.  While I enjoy the thrill of the startup as much as the next entrepreneur, I can channel this into various performance enhancing efforts of my business as it moves through its teen years into mature adulthood.  I did after all actually enjoy the teen years of my now launched adult children.  So I know I can do this, it is fun, and it is oh so worth it.





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