Happiness Challenge – Judgment

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Today, I’m holding myself capable of achieving my goals. Whenever I fall into judgment, it takes the winds out of my sails.  I realize I am my own worst critic. If others want to waste their life force by judging me, that is their issue, not mine. But me judging me – well now that is something I can do something about.  This requires using my better judgment – to take action rather than machinating about the self-critical judgments du jour.  Every moment I’m either creating new habits or reinforcing an existing habit.  Using a benevolent judge as part of my executive functioning brain helps me create happier supportive habits where I approach life from a place of “I want to” rather than the “I have to” prison of the critical self-judgment.

I got reminded of how much self critical judgement impacts me recently when a friend wanted to pursue a health and wellness program with me by joining a gym together.  She is self critical occasionally about how she has let herself go and really has to get serious about doing something about it.  Yet this type of admonishing judgment does not inspire me to join the gym – it actually does the opposite.  I was wondering what was my reluctance in joining her in this quest – even though I do think it could and would be fun.  So, I decided to approach it from what inspires me.  I had recently joined another friend in Seattle at her water aerobics class at the same fitness chain.  If I joined this gym, I could go to water aerobics here, make more friends in this area and then go to that same fitness chain when visiting my friend in Seattle at no additional cost.  Now I’m inspired.

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