Happiness Challenge – Strength

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

My strengths help make it so I am fine doing yoga anywhere.

My strengths help make it so I am fine doing yoga anywhere.

Finding my way to being enthusiastically engaged is far easier when I’m stretching myself in my strength areas.   I learned long ago that focusing on my weaknesses makes me mediocre.  It kind of reminds me of being the fish chastised for being unable to climb a tree.  Some things I’m just not meant to be or do. The same I find is true of my yoga practice – when I focus on those areas I’m strong, it helps me do yoga better.  But when I think about all the ways I struggle at doing yoga, I get very disheartened and don’t even want to do yoga.   For example, I have pretty short arms in relationship to the rest of my body.  So yoga poses that require me to align my body with my arms (like anything behind my back with my hands clasped) are very difficult.   I am able to do them by using a strap.  Granted I can increase my flexibility and use less of the strap over time, but it’s physically impossible for my hands to touch based on the length of my arms in comparison to the rest of my body.   And then I wonder where else am I attempting to make the sun set in the east – an impossible act – yet acting like it’s a “weakness.”  When in reality, it’s really not how I’m designed at all.

Writing this blog post now comes naturally for me – but doing the happiness yoga flow, not so much yet.  Yes, I can go through the motions and do it – but really do it?  That means it becomes a driving force for who I am.  On of my strengths is discipline to process – when I create the process.  So this strength is helping me pay attention to doing they happiness yoga flow.  Another one of my strengths is I’m pretty comfortable doing yoga anywhere and I kind of like showing off some poses.  This helps me do yoga anywhere I am.  I’ve been wondering what can help me bring more enthusiasm into doing the happiness yoga flow everyday and why am I still so resistant to it – I am the one who created this after all.

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