High Performing Business – Quality – Keeping it Real

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

At Cheetah Learning we live by the core premise that learning is about creation, not consumption.  It is in this creative expression that happens through learning I find the most engaged experiences.  For me it is all about the quality of engagement.  I’d much rather live a life full of passionate pursuits than a ho hum day in and day out here we go again dol drums. Goal directed pursuits brings me not just the most progress, but also the most passion.  It is this passion that stimulates high levels of learning.

While becoming passionate about goal directed pursuits creates a  high quality learning experience, it is not contrived purposefully to maintain a specific level of quality – it is the other way around.   By keeping it real in the moment, where the student is creating their own learning experience, establishing goals that are relevant for their purposes, and becoming passionately engaged in the pursuit of these goals, that the high quality of the participation emerges.

However, this does not mean we just enter into a learning space with our students without significant advance preparation.  This is where our adherance to modern quality best practices of process design shine.  We design every element of our classroom experience so the student can focus 100% of their attention on their own creative expansiveness (aka “learning.”)  While significant learning can and does happen when things go awry,  Cheetah’s goal is for our students to quickly achieve mastery in the specific skill for the course they registered (whether it be mastering some specific element of managing projects to being able to quickly pass a standardized project management certification exam).   But to develop mastery requires Cheetah students integrate these skills into their existing skill base – which takes individual creative effort.  This is where the most expansive engagement emerges which is why people genuinely develop the same level of passion taking Cheetah courses as we have in creating Cheetah courses.

I read a quote recently that said – “how can you expect your readers to stay up all night reading your book if you can’t stay up all night writing it?”   The same is true with creating engaging, high quality learning experiences.   One of the things people notice the most about the Cheetah Learning team is our passion and engagement for what we do – it’s real because we all love what we do.   Right now I’m in the middle of creating a new program called “Project Food Independence.”  I’m totally consumed with the processes involved in setting up this year round food production system.  I jump out of bed ready to go at it again every day while I’m learning the best way to do this and the best way to teach others how to do this.   It’s this real enthusiasm for every part of the learning business that continues to create the high quality learning experiences Cheetah students have come to know and love about the courses they take from Cheetah Learning.


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