High Performing Business – Influence – Trust and Transparency

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Referrals show the level of trust your company creates. 95% of Cheetah Learning's students come from someone who already took a Cheetah class.

Referrals show the level of trust your company creates. 95% of Cheetah Learning’s students learn about Cheetah  from someone who already took a Cheetah class.

I was watching a TED talk on block chain technology (the engine behind Bitcoin) and am fascinated how we create systems to increase our ability to trust those processes we need to conduct our lives.  It seems trust is in short supply these days from our political candidates, to our banking systems, to our food supply and just about everything in between.   The question I’ve posed to myself for years as a business owner is how well can I set up my business systems so my customers can trust me?  It’s all about process integrity – does the process deliver the same results for a wide cross section of people?   Is it easy for people to plug into the process and achieve the results they desire?   Does it work well enough so others can suggest it to their friends and family?

At Cheetah Learning, we’ve created an amazing system that does in fact create high trust as it creates consistently high results for the vast majority of people who take our courses.  It’s not an accident, it’s not luck – it’s about creating robust, trust worthy processes, inbedding self monitoring of those processes and being diligent with tracking any deviations in process performance, across all the processes in the business.  While we teach project management, we excel at process management.  We know to have a trust worthy business, it cannot be based on the charisma of our personalities, but the capabilities of our systems.

One of those systems is the process for doing projects  – we call it Cheetah Project Management.  And it works time after time after time – for not just us, but for the tens of thousands of our students who master it as well.   It’s a highly transparent process for doing projects – the value in it is actually the transparency as it guides people to all being on the same page quickly for who needs to do what, and when.  Where there is increased transparency there is increased trust.   People who become Cheetah Certified Project Managers master the Cheetah Project Management process today – it’s why they quickly go on to become leaders in their respective fields.   Become a go to person others know they can trust, become a Cheetah Certified Project Manager.

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