High Performing Business – Service – Feedback

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Everyday I get to review five to ten course evaluations from Cheetah Learning students.  For me, this is my pay day. All student feedback is valued insight, however and whatever our students want to share about their experiences as they pursue their goals under our guidance.

It always impresses me to the level and depth Cheetah students share what happened for them in our courses and their suggestions for how we can take our programs to the next level.  We roll many suggestions into improving all elements of the business – most of our students express sentiments such as this from a recent Cheetah Certified Project Management graduate:

“What was the most valuable part of the course?: ‘I appreciated the opportunity to use what I already know very well (myself, and project management) to learn a lot about things that I wanted to know much more about (how to do projects FAST, and how to effectively negotiate like a CHEETAH).’
Other topics you’d like to see in a course?: ‘I think a little information about COMMUNICATION and CONFLICT STYLES would make this course EVEN BETTER! 🙂 A few years ago I took a course on communication style and conflict resolution style. The course was taught by my companys (Anthem, Inc – Fortune 50) Director Of Organizational Development. I was the only student in the class who had a communication style AND confrontation style of “DIRECT/DIRECT.” Interestingly enough the instructor also had “DIRECT/DIRECT” as his communication/confrontation styles. I am a Myers-Briggs ENTP; he is an ISTJ. However, I learned more from him in a few sidebar conversations after class about how I can more effectively communicate with others if I know how to read their communication style, and also resolve conflict more effectively by recognizing the conflict resolution style of others and flexing my approach towards them accordingly.’
Other Comments?: ‘Ive taken Cheetah Learning courses 3 times in the past prior to this course – I took my PMP exam the day after my Cheetah Exam Prep  course ended, and passed with flying colors. Ive maintained my PDUs via Cheetah Learning’s courses since. I appreciate how your curricula approach the material of each course module from different perspectives. This makes your courses easy to commit to, and extremely useful in real world application. Last, but certainly not least – JEAN STEINMETZ is AMAZING. Jean was my instructor twice before, and when the Cheetah after-hours answering service failed to connect me to a representative after 2 calls, I e-mailed Jean and asked for her guidance. She CALLED ME within 5 MINUTES, helped me select the best course for me, and even generated a discount for me on the phone. WOW!!! I was absolutely overjoyed to hear from Jean; I have no words. Also – Coach Allison is amazing. She is responsive, helpful and insightful. Allison really helped me stay motivated and provided great feedback. It was obvious she read my assignments and cared about giving me useful and constructive feedback.”

When someone takes the time and effort to provide this level of feedback,  it helps us up our game and improve our service.  Think about – why ask for feedback if you are not planning on using it to improve how you serve your customers?   Student feedback helps our high performing business stay high performing.


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