Attitude of Gratitude for 2017 – December 8, 2017 – Closing the Gap


My friend Diane on our adventure to San Francisco in February. It was quite the journey to get there because of all the flooding in California. But we made a fantastic lunch for the journey over Donner’s Pass to make sure we would not suffer the same fate as the Donner Party.  Gourmet self-preservation at it’s best.

In early February my friend Diane from Haines, Alaska came to visit me in Carson City.  I met Diane several years ago through this phenomena called “Oneness” I learned about when visiting Kauai in 2014.  It’s an experience you share with a group of people that helps you feel more connected to existence – at one with the world.  Diana had been to India several times where this “Oneness” movement started and is certified to teach people how to share the experience of “Oneness” with others.  There is a large Oneness community in San Francisco and we wanted to go to a couple of their events.

I’m calling this Attitude of Gratitude “Closing the Gap” because it is what Diane helps me do.  My spiritual practice is to live in the innate goodness of others and to be a presence of love and joy in action.  Yet I have not always been as gracious to myself.  In our visit to San Francisco, Diane took me to a class taught by one of her teachers – Patricia Keel.  It was in the class, I could start to feel things shift inside of me and could feel my own innate goodness.  It was a good start.  Thank you Diane for suggesting we go to Patricia’s class.

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