Attitude of Gratitude for 2017 – December 21, 2017 – Happy Solstice

Sunrise over the SE Alaskan Coastal Mountain Range on Winter Solstice – at 9:37 AM.

I captured this very rare picture this morning at 9:37 AM.  Rare for a couple of reasons.  The first one is it’s rarely sunny un SE Alaska on Winter Solstice to even see the sun rising.  Yes we can tell it’s daylight, but we often don’t see the sun here for weeks on end in the winter.  The second reason is because I’m rarely here on solistice.  This year it was a fluke as I was up here working on this yoga/cooking studio.   In year’s past I’ve been in Hawaii visiting my father or just arriving in Haines for the holidays a day or two after winter solistice.

I have been doing a month long tribute to my late father on the Cheetah Learning blog.  Today I wrote about his love of sunrises and how he fostered my love of travel, adventure, and nature.  You can read about it at

I’m very grateful for my community in Haines, Alaska – for always welcoming me home with open arms, no matter for how long I’ve been gone.  This is where my heart is the happiest and I am so lucky to call here home.

I’m wrapping up the attitude of gratitude for 2017 posts.  I am going to focus the next couple of weeks on enjoying my friends and families in the here and now with the holidays.  May you enjoy this time of year in the way that brings you the most peace, love, and happiness.

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