Attitude of Gratitude for 2017 – Dec. 4, 2017 – Making Changes

Thank God I didn’t end up with a hairstyle like this…..

I’m the type of person who finds a hairstyle I like and sticks with it – for YEARS.   How I look is not something I fixate on as I tend to live in the world behind my eyes.  So it was a very significant decision to do something different.  For seven years, I had what I called “business women hairstyle number 5” – shoulder length, straight, a little longer in the front then the back.  I wanted to move into something different than business woman 5.

Mid January, I downloaded one of those change your hairstyle apps and tested out a bunch of different looks.  Yeah that is entertaining – try it some time if you haven’t seen them.  I was thinking of going shorter with curls.  Not having a stylist in the area, I checked on yelp and called the salon in town with the best reviews.   The shop I called, the stylist preferred text – PERFECT.  I sent her some of my ideas, she said just come in we will see what we can do.

And this is where I met Kim – who now almost a year later has become a great friend and a fantastic dog and house sitter.  When I first came in she had no idea who I was from Adam – except I had innuandated her with these crazy images of myself with these various hair styles.  And I was wearing my all purple outfit (I have this penchant for dressing monochromatically – must be from my Air Force Days).  She didn’t really know what to make of me at first (I think my brand of eccentricity may be an aquired taste).

This is a couple days after my first perm in about 30 years. An event that would change my life in ways I couldn’t even yet imagine.

Kim had other ideas – as all good stylists do.  So we permed my hair at the length it was.  And then we stopped.  No she wasn’t going to cut it – she wanted to see how I liked it.  We didn’t go too curly the first go round as afterall it was a big step breaking out of pin straight hair business women number 5 to something new.   I totally loved the new look.  My life changed from that point forward in some ways I had to yet to imagine.  Stay tuned…..

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