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I was reading @zentropikCEO posts on twitter and he found the title of the book called the Science of Getting Rich misleading. His preference is that if people are going to use the term “science” that they have axioms, proofs, and theorms.

While I appreciate his desire for scientific purity, having been a research scientist at one point in my life,  Science is full of inexact hypothesis that one tries to prove or disprove through a variety of creative tests. Just because a hypothesis is still in the process of being proven, does not mean that science is not being practiced. Quiet the opposite – it is this fertile ground of experimentation that all new discoveries are made.

I was analyzing how to help project managers become more successful.  Five areas consistently created far more success for project managers (and for most other people as well).  Attached is the mind map from the presentation I delivered for thousands of project managers around the world for the past decade.   If you’re interested in a free Science of Success webinar or in person presentation for your organization  – contact us at 888-659-2013.

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Science Of Success Mind Map - Take Expand Your Success Story to Learn More

Science Of Success Mind Map – How to Thrive In a Fast Changing World