21 Day Practice of Capitalism – Day 5 – Priorities

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

Project Priority Ranking

Project Priority Ranking

I was raised to believe I could do anything I wanted to do.   What I’ve realized over time though is I can’t do everything I want – there are only so many hours in the day.   I’ve learned how to make better decisions on what it is I will focus my time and attention to make sure it’s something I really really really want to do.   For every project I pursue, there is literally a hundred I have decided at the concept stage not to pursue.   I do a preliminary project agreement when I’m thinking of getting into projects to see if it is something I’d really want to get involved with. I require the same of others who want my involvement. You can get a free copy of a project agreement at http://www.cheetahsmartstart.com/ And when I have a lot of projects vying for my time and attention, I do a project priority matrix.

We evaluate each project based on these nine areas:

  1. Do we have the skills on hand to do the project?
  2. How much more capability will we develop to do other things we want to go after by doing this project?
  3. How much money will it cost to finish the project?
  4. How much money will it cost to maintain the results of the project once we are finished?
  5. How much revenue will the results of the project make over it’s lifetime?
  6. How much fun will we have doing the project and using the output of the project?
  7. How will the project help us reduce risk for future projects?
  8. For how many people will the results of this project help?
  9. How will the project help us become more sustainable for the long term?
I have a lot more time now to pursue those projects that give me the most satisfaction overall in life.

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