21 Day Practice Of Capitalism – Day 21 – Gifts from My Mother

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

This is the one year anniversary of my Mom’s funeral.   I am very very lucky as I got to spend the first 50 years of my life with an amazingly creative, nurturing, disciplined and driven woman who shaped who I am today.   I learned so much more about her and her impact on me with her passing.   She is that guiding thought that keeps me keeping on through the darkest of times in life and in running a business.   When she was still with us, and I’d reach out to her for comfort during difficult times – her wise words of wisdom were – it will get better.   And it always did get better.   And it still always does.   Life at times is tough, but the tough times never last.  The clouds evaporate from the sun shine behind them as do the challenges of life.

Here is the eulogy I did at her funeral a year ago – thanks to a good friend who had the foresight to record it.

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