Falling off the Face of the Earth……

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP

Sometimes I get caught up in the joys of life and don’t even notice little things like not getting emails – well who would notice the absence of anything really. Okay so maybe I’m a bit slow on the uptake – but 40 days of no emails coming through with attachments? I did think something was a little odd that the only emails I got had no attachments – but then I thought that maybe that had become a metaphor for my life. Yes life is a lot easier without attachments. And life is also so much easier without getting any emails where people had attached a word doc, excel spreadsheet, powerpoint, picture file. I finally realized something might be amiss after asking several people to send me that email again as for some reason I didn’t see their proposal.

Oh back to reality – we figured out why I was not receiving my emails where people had attached a file. Forty days ago I had exceeded my storage limits on google – and it was going to take them a couple of days to upgrade my storage account. So I went and deleted all the past emails I had with attachments. Not realizing this created a filter that automatically put any new emails into the trash that had attachments.

What is so odd about this – sales have been the best they have been in two years during this last 40 days. Life without attachments really is much better.

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