Jan 11 – Accessorizing with Blue Tarps?

Need Blue Tarps?

Need Blue Tarps?

Jan 11 – “Scope creep” is the tendency of a goal to continue expanding so you never finish. Set your goals so you finish something of useable value every two weeks – this increases your chances of success.


It all starts out so innocently. You get this great idea for a Saturday afternoon project – like to paint the window frames in your living room since the paint is chipping. And pretty soon, you have the entire bank of windows out, a gaping hole in the house, and are leaving on a week-long business trip in the morning. You decide, wow, a bay window would look really nice here. But you don’t have the funds to afford a pre-built bay window, or to hire someone to install it. A couple weeks later, tiring of looking at the blue tarp over the hole in the front of your house, your friends find a couple of leftover windows they have lying around and together you all design something that actually looks pretty good, but wait – we forgot about a roof over the bay windows! Back on with the blue tarp over the new bay window. You’re chatting about this little mishap with your buddies at work and come to find out there is a guy in your office with some construction experience. He offers to come over on a Saturday to help you finish the little roof for the bay window as winter is coming and it is getting a bit drafty with that blue tarp. THANK GOD for the kindness of strangers…..

Does this sound like some of your projects?

Let’s dissect how this particular scenario could have been prevented from the get-go. How you start a project very well determines how you will finish that project. So if you want to finish more projects, start fewer projects. This means do more investigating and analysis, and understand the feasibility for YOU to do the project with your capabilities and the resources YOU have available. With this window example – a little poking around (and I mean literally here) would have shown that the window frames were rotted. So BEFORE even beginning that project, we should have evaluated all the options for fixing the rotted window frames.

A very small time upfront evaluating what is involved in completing a project makes sure you reduce the chances of getting visits by that “creep.” It is especially annoying when the “creep” requires you to accessorize with blue tarps. If you want to reduce the need for blue tarps in your life, consider becoming a Cheetah Certified Project Manager (CCPM) – visit www.cheetahcertifiedpm.com and use the promotion code – “bluetarp” to get this program at the government rate of $550.

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