Weight Weight Just Love Me – Taking Care of Business – Day 8

Thank You Jody Kasch For All the Great Pictures Of Our Scene For the Past Decade!!

Thank You Jody Kasch For All the Great Pictures Of Our Scene For the Past Decade!!

Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Business is my creative palette and it’s where I feel I shine brightest.  I love all the complexities, maneuvering, systems development, and strategizing required.  What I love most of all though are the inspiring friendships that have developed over the years with the team whom I share my day to day life. We’ve celebrated the high points in our lives and been there for each other through the low points.  Some say you should not mix friendship with business but I find it is the challenges and love of our business through which my deepest friendships are strengthened. Thank you all my friends who have joined me in this incredible business we have created over the last two decades.

Loving myself more naturally extends to loving my business more and all that that entails – from the courses we create, to the friends who help me serve our students, to the students who grace us with their participation.  When I take a step back and contemplate what we have accomplished together and how we have done it in bringing project management to the masses, it is awe inspiring.  We have been so blessed with the work that has come our way in our chosen calling to help people learn how to and actually achieve their goals at cheetah speed. Whenever I need a quick pick me up, I just scan the list of the latest people who have registered for our courses and see the companies from where they originate.  We accomplish the mission for which we set out to achieve every single day.  Loving myself more by loving my business more – well that is an easy task.

Kate’s comment: I like what you had to say about mixing friendship with business – the challenges strengthen bonds. This is also true with adopting new lifestyle changes. The challenges that come with changing habits are made easier with a friend by your side, cheering you on. Choose a friend that won’t give up or enable you through this process, but make sure they can and want to be in your life for a couple years at minimum. This relationship can get both of you healthier and help you be those crazy old ladies laughing on the porch together.

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