Weight Weight Just Love Me – Changes – Day 41

 Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, PMI-ACP, RYT

Thankfully this beautiful werewolf did not have some of these features when she was born 26 years ago..

Thankfully this beautiful werewolf did not have some of these features when she was born 26 years ago..

Almost 26 years ago my life changed in so many wonderful ways I could have never scripted with the birth of my first daughter. Today I find myself contemplating  how I experience the most expansive changes in life.  Usually these come from the largest challenges I take on – like becoming a mother.

It is also Halloween. To celebrate, my pup and I are wearing the color of the season – orange. My “baby” is a werewolf.  I’m very thankful it’s 26 years later and I’m not waiting for a week overdue baby to  come into the world. I’m also very thankful she is only a werewolf on Halloween. Lots for me to celebrate.

While some see Halloween, with all the ghosts and goblins, as a celebration of the sinister underworld, I prefer it’s juxtaposition to All Saints Day – November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2nd.  Historically this trifecta of Catholic holidays was a call to action to remember the dead (and the path they took or did not take to get to heaven) and be inspired from this remembrance to live in god’s good graces (so you can get to heaven).  I understand the origins of this three day Catholic observance as I  know how much being rattled to deep discomfort inspires me to initiate changes.  The ghastly level of darkness I’ve felt before a significantly uplifting opening has happened often enough that I learned to embrace my own darkness as a launching place towards an upgraded existence – it’s as if a new saint emerges to guide me.  Yet I also know there is another, lighter way to upgrade my existence.  To shine the light on this path,  I just have to reflect on what I’ve learned from my first born.

Presently, I’m faced with several business challenges simultaneously.  These pale in comparison to the joy I feel from my daughter’s existence and the celebration of her life as I am planning for her 26th birthday. Loving myself more means releasing my resistance to challenges and allowing euphoric excitement of a new creative pursuit as inspiration.  Just like the delight that’s been my reality every day with this very special soul who joined me on All Souls Day 26 years ago.


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